Hair Transplant in Iran

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Surgery Duration

3-8 Hours

Recovey Time

2-5 Days



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Hair Transplant

Hair restoration or hair transplant is a highly sophisticated subspecialty that offers significant relief to patients with hair loss. An improved understanding of the aesthetics of hair loss and cosmetic hair restoration, hair anatomy and physiology, and the development of microvascular surgical instrumentation has revolutionized the approach to surgical hair restoration since the original description. Additional elements that contribute to the current state of the art in hair restoration include graft size, site creation, packing density, and medical control of hair loss. The results of hair restoration are natural in appearance and are provided with a very high level of patient satisfaction and safety. This aspect of cosmetic surgery is a very welcome addition to traditional aesthetic practice and serves as a tremendous source for internal cross-referral. The future of hair restoration surgery is centered on minimal-incision surgery as well as cell-based therapies.

Hair Transplant in Iran
Hair Transplant in Iran


  • Fuller hairs
  • Thicker hairs
  • Improve appearance
  • Feel more confident

Hair Transplant Cost In Iran

Hair transplant cost varies from person to person and from one surgeon to another. Pricing can vary based on geographical region and doctor’s expertise.

Besides, you can see the average cost of the hair transplant in Iran and other countries. Hair transplant price in Iran is %61 less than Turkey, %85 less than UAE, %95 less than Australia, %91 less than the USA and %90 less than the UK.

Iran is the cheapest country for hair transplant and other cosmetic surgery with high-experienced surgeons and high-quality services.

The Average Cost Of Hair Transplant in different countries and Iran

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Did You Know?

The world economic forum has declared Iran the cheapest travel destination in 2017. According to ISAPS survey, Iran is the third country performing rhinoplasty after Brazil and Mexico with 3.9% of rhinoplasties world-wide. Rhinoplasty cost in Iran is 87% less than UAE, 80% less than USA, 72% less than India and 45% less than Brazil. In 2016, Bloomberg ranked Iran among “top 30” most efficient healthcare systems ahead of the United States and Brazil. Tehran labelled as the “Nose Job Capital” of the world! Iran conducts more than seven times the total number of rhinoplasties in comparison to USA.