Chin Augmentation in Iran

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Surgery Duration

1-2 Hour(s)

Recovey Time

1 Week



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2-3 Days

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation technically called genioplasty or mentoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that strengthens the appearance of a chin by increasing its projection.

The goal of chin augmentation is to enhance your facial appearance by creating a better balance between your chin and other facial parts.

Chin augmentation can be done through many different methods such as surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical Chin Augmentation

Cuts are made inside your lower lip or hidden below your chin. A small hollow is then formed and the implant is installed and adjusted in position. You will be given general anesthesia during the procedure to minimize any discomfort.

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

The injectable fillers used in non-surgical chin augmentation are injected in small amounts and in specific areas so that there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. Results last for one year with Radiesse and are permanent with Artefill.

Because the material becomes part of your skin, even the permanent implant Artefill should change as your face changes over time and you always retain a natural look.

Another procedure that can be done in combination with Chin augmentation is a nose job.

Chin Augmentation in Iran


  • Strengthen the appearance of a chin
  • Increase chin size
  • Enhance the facial appearance
  • Create a better facial balance

Chin Augmentation Cost In Iran

Chin augmentation cost varies from person to person and from one surgeon to another. Pricing can vary based on geographical region and doctor’s expertise.

Besides, you can see the average cost of the chin augmentation in Iran and other countries. Chin augmentation price in Iran is %59 less than Turkey, %75 less than UAE, %88 less than Australia, %84 less than the USA and %80 less than the UK.

Iran is the most affordable country for chin augmentation and other cosmetic surgery with high-experienced surgeons and high-quality services.

The Average Cost Of Chin Augmentation in different countries and Iran

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Did You Know?

The world economic forum has declared Iran the cheapest travel destination in 2017. According to ISAPS survey, Iran is the third country performing rhinoplasty after Brazil and Mexico with 3.9% of rhinoplasties world-wide. Rhinoplasty cost in Iran is 87% less than UAE, 80% less than USA, 72% less than India and 45% less than Brazil. In 2016, Bloomberg ranked Iran among “top 30” most efficient healthcare systems ahead of the United States and Brazil. Tehran labelled as the “Nose Job Capital” of the world! Iran conducts more than seven times the total number of rhinoplasties in comparison to USA.